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Vigorance Repair - Concentrado reparador

Concentrated Hair Repair

Instant restructuring treatment which repairs damaged and weakened hair from the inside, providing it with immediate strength, elasticity, softness and shine. Contains, among other ingredients, a complex consisting of triglycerides from the plant meadowfoam (Limmanthes alba) and dimethicone, which strengthens and thickens the hair fibre. This complex facilitates cuticle repair, creating a longitudinal smoothing of the scales and reconstructing the internal structure of the fibre at cell matrix level.


After applying the required Vigorance treatment, remove moisture with a towel and then thoroughly rub in the product from the mid lengths to ends. Allow to act for a few minutes and then rinse.


GLYCERIN: A wetting agent which prevents water loss from the hair, maintaining hydration.

QUATERNIUM-80: An active ingredient which is substantive to hair keratin. When applied, it provides excellent combability to both wet and dry hair, reducing electrostatic charges. Leaves the hair silky, shiny and manageable. Does not make the hair feel greasy.

DIMETHICONE PEG-8 MEADOWFOAMATE: Strengthens and thickens the hair fibre. Facilitates repair of the surface cuticle, creating a longitudinal smoothing of the scales and physically improving the appearance of the hair.

PANTHENOL: Contains long-lasting moisturising properties that prevent damage to the hair, strengthening it and improving shine. Remains in the hair shaft after application and after rinsing, enabling moisture to be retained and overcoming the feeling of dryness and brittleness.

VP/DMAPA ACRYLATES COPOLYMER: Strengthens the hair follicle by creating a protective layer, increasing the hair’s diameter and imparting shine and body.


10 x 10 ml vials.




Repair - Moisturising Line