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Diamond shine spray

Diamond shine spray

Biphasic mixture with conditioning properties. In its aqueous phase, cationic conditioners of high substantivity on the hair are combined, which improve dry and wet comb, provide softness and shine avoiding  static electricity of the hair. The combination with a silicone phase that allows a thin film to form on the hair, smoothing the cuticles, improving the conditioning properties of the product.


Apply to dry hair, to the finished hairstyle, spray evenly at a distance of 30 cm.


Sun filter that protects hair from oxidation by external agents.

Polymer, which thanks to its pseudo-cationic character, provides substantivity to the hair, improving its properties. Strengthens the hair follicle, through a protective layer, preventing the degradation of some hair components.

Cationic conditioner, highly substantive, that brings softness and shine. Improves conditioning properties, both wet and dry, reducing frizz. Mainly, it reduces the static electricity of the hair.

Moisturizing agent, which prevents hair loss, improving its hydration.

Very volatile silicones that facilitate the extensibility of the product that form a thin film on the hair, so that it smooths the cuticle, providing shine when the light falls on it. They do not leave a greasy touch and are easily removed with washing.

Diamond Extract: This is a diamond powder in vegetable glycerin, which provides shine to the hair

Available in 200 ml




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