Keratin 24K Shampoo

Keratin 24K Shampoo

Shampoo with keratin, active that restructures the capillary fiber, nourishes hair leaving it smooth and bouncy. Argan oil regenerates and nourishes dry and devitalized hair. Ideal for dull hair, strengthens and gives back shine.


Use with wet hair and gently massage in for a few minutes. Rinse thoroughly.


KERATIN: Waterproof protein, rich in sulfur, that is essential part of the capillary fiber, hair and nails. Keratin, compared with other proteins has an elevated proportion of cysteine, that has a great affinity for the hair. Restores the capillary fiber, nourishing the hair and leaving a great look, from roots to tips.

ARGAN OIL: Is a perfect agent to regenerate and nourish dry and devitalized hair. Ideal for dull hair, fortifies it and gives back shine and radiance.

Available in 250ml.




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