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Vigorance Volume - Mousse volumen

Volume Mousse

Provides the hair with body and structure without weighing it down and extra shine. The active ingredients it contains reinforce the hair fibre and provide texture.


How should Volume Mousse be applied?
Before using the mousse, always comb and untangle the hair to ensure optimum penetration of the product. The hair should preferably be wet. Shake the bottle to mix the contents well and create a denser texture. Put an amount on the hands and rub them together before applying to the hair.
How much should be used?
It depends on how long and dense the hair is; use as much as is necessary to cover the hair evenly. When rubbing the product into the hair, do so gently and use a comb if necessary to help distribute it. Do not rinse. After application, dry the hair normally.


Quaternised wheat protein: Provides the hair with high substantivity, improving its manageability, texture, combability when wet or dry, and shine. Contains a cysteine amino acid which can form divalent bonds with the S-S bonds of the hair’s keratin, providing durable conditioning especially in damaged or chemically-treated hair. Not cumulative on the hair.

Soy protein: Contains a balanced composition of peptides, amino acids and mineral salts which strengthens the hair fibre providing the small peptides and amino acids necessary for the synthesis of keratin.

Available in 150 ml.