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Vigorance Repair - Spray nutritivo

Nutritive Spray

A two-phase nutritive spray which untangles and conditions in one step, without overloading the hair or making it greasy.

The upper phase helps to instantly untangle the hair, repairing the split ends and imparting an intense shine to the hair cuticle. As this phase acts on the outer surface, it greatly improves the hair’s appearance (shine, softness, combability).

The lower translucent phase penetrates inside the hair fibre, restructuring it. Repairs and nourishes the inside of the hair and eliminates static electricity, helping to recover and maintain its elasticity. Improves combability and the appearance of the hair fibre, providing the hair with softness and shine.


Shake well before applying to homogenise the two phases. Apply to wet hair (removing the excess moisture with a towel). Rinsing not required.


WHEAT PROTEIN: Increases moisture retention on the hair. Conditions the hair, improving combability. Imparts shine and softness to the cuticle. Provides the hair fibre with body and texture, facilitating its restructuring.

WHEAT GERM OIL: Emollient and nourishing properties, high in vitamin E, natural antioxidant suitable for dry and brittle hair. Nourishes and restores the hair, providing the necessary lipid layer.

JOJOBA OIL AND AVOCADO OIL: Oils with emollient and nourishing properties suitable for dry and brittle hair. Nourish and restore the hair, providing the necessary lipid layer.

SUNSCREEN (benzophenone-4): A sunscreen which protects the hair from UV radiation.


Available in 200 ml.




Repair - Ultra Nourishing Line