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Vigorance Sunny - Spray solar

Solar Spray

An instant conditioner which protects against UVA and UVB rays and environmental elements that can damage the hair. With two well-defined phases that act at two levels:

First, the upper phase, which helps to instantly untangle the hair, repairing split ends and imparting intense shine to the hair cuticle. As this phase acts on the outer surface, it greatly improves the hair’s appearance (shine, softness, combability). This phase also sees the appearance of the sunscreen which will protect the hair from the aggression of the sun.

Second, the lower translucent and more intensely coloured phase, which provides active conditioning ingredients that repair and nourish the hair and eliminate unwanted electrical charges (static electricity). They restore the hair’s natural moisture, enabling it to regain and maintain its elasticity.


Shake and spray onto wet or dry hair as many times as desired to protect it when exposed to the sun. It also imparts shine and softness, and dramatically improves combability and untangling. Avoid contact with the eyes and clothing.


QUATERNIUM-80: An active ingredient which is substantive to hair keratin. When applied, it provides excellent combability to both wet and dry hair, reducing electrostatic charges. Leaves the hair silky, shiny and manageable. Does not make the hair feel greasy.

POLYSILICONE-19: A conditioning agent which protects the integrity of the hair fibre against damage caused by UV radiation. As a cationic product, it has a high affinity for hair keratin, forming a thin film that absorbs solar radiation. As a result, it acts in two ways: it protects the physical structure of the hair and the colour of the hair fibre.


Available in 200 ml.