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Strictly necessary cookies These cookies are needed for our Website to work and cannot be disabled on our systems.

They are usually only set in response to your actions such as choosing your privacy preferences or filling in forms.

You can set your browser to block or alert you to these cookies although some areas of the Website may not then work. These cookies do not store any personally identifiable information.

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Cookies Policy

We use various types of cookies on Yunsey’s website ( which store and retrieve information when you browse. This Cookies Policy tells you what cookies are, what they are used for, what types of cookies we use and for what purpose. We also describe how you can set them on our website (the “Website”).

What are cookies and what are they used for?

Cookies are data storage and retrieval files which are placed on your device (e.g., your computer, tablet or mobile phone) when you visit a website. Cookies are used to ensure the quality, usability and proper operation of websites, to store and retrieve information about browsing habits and to personalise website content. They can also sometimes be used to recognise the user of a website.

This means cookies are essential to the operation of the Internet and in no way do they pose a risk to your computer or device. They can also help to identify the need for improvements to websites and spot malfunctions.

What types of cookies are there?

Cookies can be classified into several types based on a number of criteria. Here we tell you about the various types of cookies.

By the entity managing them:

  • First-party cookies: they are sent to your computer or device by the website which provides the service. If the cookies are placed by a computer or domain managed by the owner of the website but the information they gather is managed by a third party and used for its own purposes, they are not considered to be first-party cookies.
  • Third-party cookies: they are sent to your computer by a computer or domain which is not managed by the website’s owner but rather by other external services or providers which process the information gathered by these cookies.

By their purpose:

  • Technical cookies: they are the most basic as they allow you to browse the website and use its options and services.
  • Personalisation cookies: they remember your information so that you can access the website with features you have previously chosen (e.g., language).
  • Analytical cookies: they gather information about the type of browsing on the website (e.g., the most accessed sections, the products viewed or the usage timeslot).
  • Advertising cookies: they store information on users’ browsing behaviour to profile them in order to show them personalised advertising.

By how long they remain active on the device:

  • Session cookies: they are designed to gather and store information only during your visit to the website and so they are deleted when you log out. They are normally used to store information which is only needed to keep the website’s basic features working.
  • Persistent cookies: they store information for a longer period of time which varies from cookie to cookie and may range from a few minutes to several years.

What type of cookies do we use on our Website?

At Yunsey we only use these first-party cookies:

  • Technical cookies: they allow us to manage and operate our Website and enable its functions and services.
  • Personalisation cookies: they allow us to remember your settings and preferences such as your language and privacy choices.

For more information, please see our Cookie Settings Centre.

How can you set cookies on our Website?

You can accept or decline the use of cookies in Yunsey’s Cookie Settings Centre which you can access either through the basic cookie information message which is displayed when you first visit our Website or this link.

In the Cookie Settings Centre, you can consent to the use of cookies and also withdraw any consent you may have already given at any time and as often you wish.

Please note that if you accept third-party cookies and would like to delete them, you will have to do so directly through your browser’s cookie management options. Here’s how:

  • If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer: press the Tools button and then select Internet Options > Privacy > Settings > OK. For more information, press here
  • If you use Firefox: press the Firefox button and select Options > Privacy > Use custom settings for history > Check the Accept cookies option to enable cookies, uncheck it to disable them > Choose how long cookies will be stored > OK. For more information, press here
  • If you use Chrome: press the Chrome menu in the browser toolbar > Settings > Show advanced options > In “Privacy”, press Content settings > In “Cookies”, you can set cookies. For more information, press here
  • If you use Safari: go to Preferences and in the Privacy panel, choose Block Cookies and select the option you prefer from the ones offered by your browser. For more information, press here
  • If you use Opera: press Settings > Options > Advanced > Cookies. For more information, press here
  • If you use an iPhone or iPad: on the home screen, select Settings > Safari and then choose the settings you would like. For more information, press here
  • If you use Android: press Menu > Settings > Security and Privacy > check or uncheck the “Accept cookies” box > and restart your browser for the changes to take effect.
  • If you use Windows Phone: in Internet Explorer, press More > Settings. You can also access Internet Explorer settings through Settings in the list of applications. Select or turn off the Allow cookies option.

Additional information

For more information about how we process your personal data and your rights, please see our Privacy Policy.