Who We Are

Our Brand Identity

In 1980, Grupo Laboratorios Belloch, a family-owned business specialising in haircare products founded in Valencia in the 1950s, created Yunsey Professional, its product range for salons.

Over the last 40 years, Yunsey has gained itself an excellent reputation within the hairdressing salon market thanks to its passion, commitment and dedication, and to upholding the same objective it started out with: to develop, manufacture and distribute professional haircare products that deliver the perfect balance between quality, image and price.


Mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide salon professionals with exactly what they need, making their job easier, and catering for all their technical and creative requirements. We do this by delivering premium quality products and highly effective treatments at a competitive price. Our goal is to be a benchmark in the hairdressing industry. We want our clients to see us as their ally. We aim to be approachable and always ready to help so that we can grow alongside our clients and move forward with them.

Research and Development

Our R&D Department strives to constantly improve our products and formulas, bringing excellence and innovation to our product portfolio so that it caters for all salon needs and keeps us one step ahead of market trends.

We use cutting-edge cosmetic technology and innovative, environmentally friendly and high-quality active substances and ingredients.

International Outreach

We operate in over 40 countries across the five continents, serving millions of satisfied customers and consumers who use and trust our products, treatments and services.


We strive for excellence every day. Our goal is to help create a sustainable environment for everyone. We do so by investing our resources in:

Quality. Quality is our watchword in all our products, processes and facilities. We use premium quality ingredients, carefully selecting our active substances and combining high-tech scientific knowledge with the best natural ingredients.

We have an independent quality control department staffed by experts and equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Our comprehensive controls ensure the quality and excellence of all our formulas, guaranteeing product safety and optimum results before, during and after each process.

Sustainable management. We continue to improve our environmental management system and promote product and process design that minimises environmental impact.

Reducing climate change. We combat climate change by controlling and reducing greenhouse gas emissions (CO2) and the water footprint of a product’s life cycle.

Minimising indirect impacts on the environment. Our products are developed in-house and are 100% made in Spain. We also work with Spanish suppliers.

Environmentally friendly production facilities. We continue to move forward with circular solutions and to minimise waste and pollution.